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A Synopsis of the Movie This Is the End Essay Sample

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A Synopsis of the Movie This Is the End Essay Sample

But the opposite ay of thought, the director or writer is purposed that audiences curious. Every character in this movie ‘This is the end’ uses there real name. The movie starts the scene that meeting of Seth Roger and Jay Barbecue at the airport. They are hanging out Stet’s house by smoking marijuana and playing video game. Then Seth remembers James Franc’s house warming invitation. Even though Jay does not feel like it, they are going to the party. A dramatic incident happens; blue light from the sky sucks many people. Seth and Jay go out to buy something and see the incident in a store and get socked.

They go back to the James’ house to tell the happening to everyone. But anyone believes the story. At that time a big earth quake make huge hole in front of Sesame’s house and many people fall into the hall and die. However six people, James Franco, Joana Hill, Seth Roger, Jay Barbecue, Danny McBride, and Craig Robinson, survive the disaster. The movie shows us living these six actors in the end of the world. In the disaster, the movie ‘This is the end’ shows us the characters personality. First of all, Danny McBride shows us how selfish he is.

The next day of the disaster, he show up the elm, he did not come out before, and he wastes all of their food and water. Water is wasted not for drinking but for washing his hair and legs. Second of all, Joana Hill, he is a person who has two faces. He pretends to be nice and kind to Jay. But he prays for Jay’s death behind of Jay. Third, Seth Roger, he minds the other people. He is walking on eggshells. After seeing the blue light sucks people, Jay tries to explain the happening but no one believes the incident. Then Jay looks at Seth to have his supporting but Seth tells people that “l do not know what he s talking about. Seth and Jay are the best friend in the movie’s setting but Seth dumps Jay because of the others. Fourth, Craig Robinson, he looks a follower. He does not speak out all the time. Fifth, James Franco, he is a person who is extravagant. I have found easily his character when I have seen his big house and his art collections. Even though it is really emergency situation to survive, he does not let people use his art collections to block doors and windows. Finally Jay Barbecue, I could not find what kind personality he has. I think he has cautious personality.

He does not like hang out with strangers. When Seth asks Jay to go to James’ house warming party, Jay does not want to go with him because he feels uncomfortable with strangers. The first sudden scene twist is the first night after the earthquake. A camera shows us each characters nervous faces. Everyone looks scare of the incident of the night. Seth and Jay are talking about the terrible disaster then the scary music comes out. And a big shade comes to them but it is Craig. Craig comes out to find his friends because he cannot sleep himself too. And Joana comes out with the scary sound too.

All these obvious sound and shade make audiences funny. The best funny and the scene twist is that James decides to sacrifice for his friends and to save his life. They, Jay, Seth, Craig, and James find out how to get saved from the heaven. To get saved from the sky, you have to sacrifice for someone truly. Seth, Jay and James meet a gang of human eaters. James tries to gain time to run Seth and Jay run away. Suddenly, the blue light is carrying James up to the heaven but he starts to say curse to the gang. So the blue light is gone then James is killed by the gang.

This scene is the best funny part for me. This movie has happy ending. Eventually, two main characters of this movie ‘This is the end’, Jay and Seth, go to the heaven together. The director does not finish the movie just like normal happy ending movie. He tries to have one more laugh point at the end. Seth and Jay finally meet Craig in the heave and Craig gives them marijuana. Who even think about having illegal drug in the heaven? And I do not know why the other audiences are laughing when ‘Backstreet Boys’ in the movie with their music, but the laughing from he other make me laugh too.

SSL am a non-native English speaker, it is really hard to find funny point between characters’ conversation. But I laughed a lot with some curse and many situations in the movie. For example, the opening scene which is Jay is jumping and saying hi to Seth with wired voice. It looks Jay stupid and funny. And think it is Michael Care. He is the guy who dies during the earthquake. He hits Airman’s ass and Iranian slaps his face. I do not think I have understood the movie 100 percent but It was funny movie.

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