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Addiction Movie Summary Essay Sample

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Addiction Movie Summary Essay Sample

Then slowly he needed more and more just a little wasn’t enough, he needed more and more to satisfy his habit. He become physically addicted to the drug, You could see that when he was at his worst even just a few hours he would be in physical pain, hot sweets, throwing up, and the inability to eat or hold down food. He was also have a huge impact on his personal relationships both in and out of school. First he would get very defensive with the people that would show concern over his changing attitude.

Then he started stealing from people, anything to support his habit. When he finally got caught at school he was expelled and lost all hopes of getting his athletic scholarship for collage. Then he was kicked out of his home and forced to live in the streets. He began to do things that any self-respecting person wouldn’t do, just to earn some money to keep up with his addiction. This movie was based on the life of Jim Carroll, an author, poet, musician, and autobiographer.

There is information on the Internet about his life after the time of this move but nothing indicated any long-term health problems associated with his addiction, until his death at 60 where he died of a heart attach. This of course could go back to the addiction and excessive drug use as he had no history of health problems. In this type of a situation believe that it is important to try and be there for the individual on a personal level. Try to figure out what is driving the addiction. You have to be willing to show tough love. I would talk with him to try and get to know what his concerns are and why he was feeling the need to use.

Try to how him that he is not alone and that he has people who care about him. His addiction didn’t start on its own. Jim started the habit with just fitting in with his friends. Taking some pills, sharing some inhalants, going to a party and letting the pressure of his friends over come him. He didn’t start with heroine he worked his way up to it and was using it to avoid the problems he was facing with his family and school. There are plenty of treatments available for people suffering from drug addiction and at different levels.

Someone who has a major addiction eke heroine or alcohol that can cause physical reactions to the withdrawals may need to look into a in patient type of facility. Someone that would be able to help with those types of withdrawals, in order to keep them safe. There is other out patient facilities and programs like AAA, which can work well for someone who has a better handle on their current addiction for this movie don’t believe that this would have worked for him at first. Once completing an inpatient program then and outpatient follow program could be used to keep him on track.

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