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Almost famous movie analysis

Movie Review of Almost Famous In the movie “Almost Famous”, Cameron Crower portrays the life of a high- school boy named William. William was more advanced than the other children. He dreams of becoming a lawyer but little does he

Allegory of the Movie Avatar

Avatar is very similar to how the pilgrims treated the native Americans? The movie Avatar is an allegory to how pilgrims treated the native Americans because of what took place and where it happened. When the movie opened up into

African American Movie Paper

This film has been compared to be the black erosion of George Lucas’ “American Graffiti”; the film has a lot of energy and substance to easily overlook that fact. There are many funny moments, including a scene where the boys

Addiction Movie Summary

Then slowly he needed more and more just a little wasn’t enough, he needed more and more to satisfy his habit. He become physically addicted to the drug, You could see that when he was at his worst even just

Abundance In Movie Remakes

Instead of stressing to create huge budgets, write script, find actors, producers, and directors studios have found it is much more profitable to just re-make old movies or make a sequel to a previously successful movie. This saves time, money

A Walk to Remember. Movie Review

Barefoot is a small coastal port city that was established in 1722. Theme The major theme of The Walk to Remember is to follow your heart because London felt lost when he found out Jamie had cancer but all he

A Synopsis of the Movie This Is the End

But the opposite ay of thought, the director or writer is purposed that audiences curious. Every character in this movie ‘This is the end’ uses there real name. The movie starts the scene that meeting of Seth Roger and Jay

A Synopsis of the Movie The Princess Bride

Everyone always talks about how beautiful Buttercup is and she is probably getting tired of all the comments and she may be getting tired of them. She says, “Enough about my beauty, Everybody always talks about how beautiful I am.

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